Get consumption-based pricing done right

Only pay for what you use with the new Teradata VantageCloud Enterprise unit pricing.

Now it’s easier—and more affordable—to get more out of the cloud

 Teradata VantageCloud Enterprise’s new unit pricing is a true consumption-based pricing model that lets you pay for what you use—not what’s provisioned.

Only pay for what you use

Other vendors start charging for the maximum available resources as soon as your system is turned on. Since Teradata’s unit pricing is a consumption-based pricing model, you only pay for what you use—or one low monthly minimum. 

Manage and allocate costs better

Get full visibility and control over your usage with one intuitive, self-service console across all instances. You can track usage and allocation and report at any level of detail—all while managing system scaling.

Scale smartly, not unexpectedly

Teradata offers multiple-instance sizing options across cloud service providers (CSPs) and scales intelligently based on actual usage rather than rudimentary conditions, maximizing resources and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Spend more time on work that matters

Leave the busywork to us. With our Optimized Cloud package, you can stay focused on getting answers from your data and analytics—instead of managing the environment.

Choose the unit pricing package that works best for your organization’s needs

Get started in the cloud—or ramp up faster—with consumption-based pricing packages designed for workloads of every size. Each option has everything you need for a seamless transition to cloud.



Optimized Cloud

Complete set of platform features and ecosystem tools

Starting at $9,000/month*

Get Started

Added security and service level for critical use cases or sensitive data

Starting at $10,500/month*

Get Started

Premium operational services to optimize your platform

Starting at $31,000/month*

Get Started

Teradata Vantage™ Platform

Ecosystem Tools**

Support Services

Industry Data Model


Advanced Services


Cloud Optimization Services



**Pricing is for Americas. Billed annually in advance with 1-year commitment. Includes 10 TB of raw storage. | ** Set-up fees apply |  All offers subject to terms and conditions

Unit Pricing Flyer

Find out more about Teradata’s unit pricing

Our unit pricing is a true consumption-based pricing model. It gives you the most flexibility and value while protecting you from expensive overruns. Download our pricing brief for more information.

Cloud Pricing Calculator

Calculate your cost for Teradata VantageCloud Enterprise

Wondering how your workload adds up in the cloud? Answer five simple questions to see your personalized Teradata VantageCloud Enterprise cost estimate.

Get answers to your questions about Teradata’s unit pricing

It’s more affordable than ever to try cloud with our unit pricing—a true consumption-based pricing model. Find out how to start—or accelerate—your cloud journey with VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform.

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